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Why I like Animation?

Hi, my name is, Veronica Campos and I love art in any expression form, either as a visual or performing art. That is why I love the Animation field because it's more than presenting a story throughout the scene; to me, it is an art that helps to convey ideas, forms, shapes, colors with a powerful meaning. The animation career is the art to express me and tale-tell stories to the world. Animation has more than charming personages dressed up with vivid colors. We created life on each element or character; each character requires its personality; we crafted their moods, style, or psychological pattern. It will be an echo in how our personage will perceive the viewer. The way it moves or reacts among the other characters enhances the short. Nor less vital it is to create the precise environment to bring the whimsical piece alive.
Animation requires attention to detail, imagination, compromise to work, and refine ideas. There are many paths within the field such as, 2D or 3D animator, motion graphics or key animation, character design, set design, visual effects, modeling, texturing, rigging, pipeline, and scripting. It is fascinating how many people can be involved to create a final product.

My goal is to learn more about asset creation or technical direction; I love brainstorming ideas to picture or create a unity where each element has a particular style or theme that transports the viewers to that time, age, or fantasy world. I want to be able to create the prompts, elements that will help to enrich the story. At the same time, it will be advantageous to know some technical aspects like coding or rigging to be capable and develop another aspect of the animation field. I will see myself collaborating on a project where I can create personages with part of my soul.

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Film, Film, Film

By Fyodor Khitruk

Film Review by Veronica Campos

Film, Film, Film. Directed by Fyodor Khitruk (USSR). Written by Vladimir Golovanov and Fyodor Khitruk. Music by Aleksandr Zatsepin, Yevgeny Krylatov. Soyuzmultfilm 1968.
This short is why I love animation. The animation opens the possibility of creating a whole new world, personages, or entertainment; The short Film, Film, Film is evidence of that. The gags have subtly implied throughout the personage actions or timing in the scenes; we can perceive the critique or parody of the Soviet movie industry. The character design, sound, and timing are essential elements in any animation; those elements will guide the story. In this particular short animation, the Character design tells, as part of visual elements, who are each character and what they represent. Likewise, the writer character presented at 0:47 min., characterized with glasses, long fingers, turtle shirt, and light suit, with a cigarette to stress anxiety and nervousness. The Director character, introduced at 2:25 min., almost no hair due to the stress, dressed in the stereotype suit; using by directors, his body language and facial expressions guide the viewers to his actions. Even the muse that appears at 1:06 min was designing accordingly. The main characters - Writer and Director, do not have many drawing details, but both personages are easy to identify and relate; to their personalities.

The sound is the soul of this short since this film is a nearly-silent pantomime telling the story. To start with a piece of very caching music at the intro, this sets the mood for the entire short. Then the well synchronized quick sounds are the word telling of the sequence as it guides the scene; perhaps, around 1:08 min., the bells sound announcing the aha moment, the muse appears, and the writer stared typing, a strong sound of the typing is hearing. All those elements enrich the scene and provide a clear stamen to follow. Nonetheless, we can appreciate the effective use of the sound in sequence 3:03 to 3:16 min, where they start running for approval of their project. The melody playing a key, sound element provokes as a viewer the sensation of rush and anxiety about what is going to happen. The sound effects are very crucial to dress the scenes. It provides a clear understanding of the situation; perhaps, the dinging bells, the stamping of the documents, closing the doors, the swing of the movement from the characters are sounds filling the short. Another moment of the importance of the sound effects as an invisible personage, nor less important, is when both personages going through the studios, 5:40min, collecting the crew, all the beeps, running-up and down, sound swings. All sounds are combined to illustrate the idea of the excitement in the film studio.

The timing is another significant element for the animate short; timing gives the spaces between actions, phrases, sounds, and music. It helps to fill the story with the necessary time for each motion. Timing has added interest and appeals to the personages. For instance, when the writer is trying to type his script, he was silent, his motionless movements, the scene carries slow timing. Then there is the contrast when the writer and the director running through the hall or across the film studio; the upbeat timing is evident. In general, this short has fast speed motion, but the slow or motionless provided it the balance with the momentum into this animation.

There is no story without the character design, sound, and timing; all those elements provide a lively atmosphere and guides the sequence. The sound effects are like an invisible supporting actor helping the personage enhance its actions or emphasize its emotions; without a sound, the short will not appeal. Meanwhile, the character design is vital; it provides the characterization of each personage. This animation embraces the fresh look and modern feel to each personage and helps to their visual appealing. Similarly, the timing is an essential element; it gives us the flow of the story. It is like a musical piece playing fast or slow tempo with some retards; that it's what creates an astounding art piece.

This animation portrays and criticizes the difficulties of creating a film; the director does it in a lively and transmittable way. He uses and plays with those elements to convey the message. I believe that he ends up with a great piece, this animation is energetic, and the intention or message has clearly stated.

Short Version without Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqwxWlU5ON0